Diabetes Cure

The number of diabetic people all over the world has been steadily increasing over the recent years. A lot of factors can be attributed to this phenomenon but the most popular question today would be if there is a cure. Unfortunately, there haven’t been any significant scientific breakthroughs with regards to diabetes cure. Contrary to recent claims of people in online blogs, there is still no drug or method that can fix high blood sugar levels.

Diabetes or commonly known in the medical world as diabetes mellitus is a collection of metabolic illnesses that cause high blood sugar levels in affected people. There are only two reasons that can cause this: one would be inadequate insulin levels, and second is insulin resistance. There are also cases that both causes are present. However, they are still not very common.
Types of Diabetes

There are several variations of diabetes observed from patient records for the past decades. These variations are based on the person’s capability to produce insulin in the body.

• TYPE 1 – includes people who do not have the capability to produce insulin. This type composes about 10-12% of diabetes cases worldwide.
• TYPE 2 – includes people who either do not produce enough amounts of insulin or have a strong resistance to the substance. This is the most common type amounting to roughly 80% of all recorded cases.
• Gestational Diabetes – refers to women who develop high blood sugar levels during pregnancy. This makes up about 8-10% of all diabetes cases thus far.
Common Diabetes Symptoms
Although symptoms can vary for different cases, the following are the most common ones:
• Extreme Dehydration resulting to frequent urination
• Obstructed or Unclear Vision
• Hunger
• Exhaustion
• Rapid weight loss

The period wherein symptoms start to be noticeable vary for the different diabetes types. For Type 1, the symptoms should be present by the time the sugar level starts to go beyond normal. However, when it starts to develop, it progresses fast. For Type 2, it usually develops slowly as the person ages. As for the third type, the symptoms would usually start showing when the blood sugar level dramatically increases.
Long-term diabetes patients may develop more complications if not given the proper medication and treatment. Body parts may need to be cut, eyesight start to get worse until blindness, and nerves slowly deteriorate. This is the reason why there is a desperate effort to find a diabetes cure. A lot of lives can be saved if at least one possible treatment can be discovered.

Tests to Detect Diabetes
There are three tests that can be conducted to detect whether a person has diabetes or not. The first one is a urine test. However, this isn’t a direct method and may only give a medical expert a reason to make suspicions if a person may actually have high sugar content in the blood. The second one is a blood test. This is the direct way to find out the components that make up a person’s blood. Before the blood is drawn, the patient has to abstain from eating for at least half a day. And finally, the hemoglobin test.

Current Treatment Options
Since a diabetes cure is still not found, the only option for people at present is to maintain medication and constant treatment. The aim for this is to prevent the worsening of a patient’s current condition. Treatment may include a series of exercises, compulsory diet components and medications. It has been advised for people with Type 2 diabetes to maintain an ideal figure since people with high-cholesterol are much prone to complications. For Type 1 diabetes, the only treatment available is daily insulin injections. Diabetes has to be adequately controlled for all cases to lower the risk of complications that could be fatal in the long run.

Possible Diabetes Cure
Although medical studies haven’t found a concrete proof that maintaining a healthy and fit body can reverse the conditions of diabetes patients, regular exercise and nutritional treatments have been included in all treatment options. This would suggest that no matter how little the connection, there is a correlation between the two.

A few people believe that diabetes can be cured through maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This would mean that affected people should correct their eating habits, practice frequent exercise, and stay proactive at all times. However, a cure such as this is physically impossible for people who have to continue earning money for their family. Office workers in particular cannot be proactive for at least eight hours a day since their job requires them to stay in the office.

There are also people who find it hard to follow the eating habits prescribed by health care providers. One of the reasons would be taste incompatibility. People have likes and likes that are not easy to overcome. Other people do not have the will to resist temptations when people around them are enjoying food that they’re not supposed to eat. Conflicts such as these are very common since people are bound to be selfish especially when it comes to personal satisfaction. It would help if a direct diabetes cure in the form of medication or operation can be discovered. Most people would willingly sacrifice a few years’ worth of salary for a cure that doesn’t require them to give up their usual habits.
At the end of the day, it is very obvious that the only option people have at present is to maintain a lifestyle that has a good balance of the things medical professionals require and those that the individual needs for self-comfort. In worst cases, the surrounding family and close friends should be sympathetic and be willing to provide support during important struggles. A lot of people get easily tempted by the surroundings, so it is wise for the concerned family to be careful of their actions whenever the patient is around. A strong will and a well-supportive family is the key to a patient’s recovery. It does not only include physical efforts but also a positive state of mind.